What Are The Typical Kinds Of Results With Debt Settlement?

The results we deliver for our clients are typically in the 40% to 60% reduction range. What we often tell prospective clients is to take the debt you currently have and divide it in half and this will be a good estimate as to the results we can give you. Sometimes the results are greater and sometimes they are less. There are so many determining factors to consider - like how much debt you have?, how many accounts do you have?, which banks do you have?, what is your income? and how soon would you be able to save the necessary money with which to settle?

No two situations are the same, but we will give you an accurate estimate of the money you can save AND the amount of time it will take you to complete the program. We can look at the specific credit cards you have and tell you which ones are easier to deal with & offer lower settlements and which ones are more difficult to deal with and are harder to get lower deals.

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Where Will I Get The Necessary Money With Which To Settle?

Most likely, clients that enter our Credit Card Relief Education Program stop their minimum monthly payments to their credit cards and then they save that money each month in a dedicated savings account. However, we will explain to you


Who Can You Trust?

When it comes to important financial questions & issues, being able to trust someone and confide in them is imperative. Proverbs 11:13 says. "One who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, but one who is trustworthy conceals a matter." Since 2004, we have been serving clients in Texas in a careful & trustworthy manner.

We understand the pressure & stress you're under and we know very well how to help you. We offer a valid & time-tested solution that will: (1) reduce your debt 30% to 60%; (2) reduce the time it takes you to get out of debt from 5-8 years to 2-4 years; and (3) help you get back on track with your financial goals with no credit card debt.

Obtaining Wise Counsel . . .

Proverbs 15:22 says, "Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed."

We seek to be wise counselors to those in need of a solution to their problem of credit card debt. We have over 20 years of experience, we've had an expert attorney on retainer from whom we've learned amazing insight, and we are happy to consult with you for free to share your options and potential solutions. We will share the pros & cons of each option so you can go in the direction of confidence knowing you can make the best & most informed decision for your future financial success.

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