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A savings of about 60%

“My wife & I have a family, make a modest income, and a few years ago we found ourselves in a tough situation. We had 10 credit card accounts adding up to over $34,000 as well as some hospital bills from one of our children’s illness. We didn’t know what to do so we got on the internet and started doing some homework. We came across IDS-Texas and slowly and diligently went through more homework – we called the Better Business Bureau to make sure you were legitimate and reviewed all the materials you sent us and we were convinced this was the best direction for us. After completing the program, we paid a little over $13,000 on all our debt which came to a savings of about 60% and we now have a fresh start! Feel free to use our name & phone number as a reference and keep up the great work – we thank you very much for helping us!”

- Jon, Katy, TX

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We saved about $53,000

“We had over 90K in total credit card debt and were just about hopeless. Depressed does not begin to describe our mood when we first talked with IDS-Texas. But after our initial consultation (which was free), we had such a strong sense of hope and relief that we knew we had arrived at the right place. A little more checking & research confirmed our suspicions and we never looked back. We saved about $53,000 and we would be happy to speak with anyone looking into IDS-Texas!”

- Steve Houston, TX

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I can’t recommend your company & service highly enough.

“I was really depressed and wondering what I could do about my finances & debt problem – it was almost a hopeless situation. We had over $65,000 of credit card debt, a large $50,000 loan against my 401K, and then a loss of my job. I was kind of frozen with fear and it was hard to even openly look at things. However, I mustered the courage & energy to call you and then do some research on your service. I called many of the references and also the BBB – I was greatly encouraged and felt that our prayers were answered! Now, after more than 2 years, I know we made the right decision and our finances have turned around dramatically! I can’t recommend your company & service highly enough. Thank you for your integrity and the unending support you’ve offered . . . you all have been a real blessing to me & my wife!”

- Lee San Antonio, TX

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Their knowledge is deep and their concern is sincere

“When my wife & I first started this journey, it seemed like a daunting task to figure out WHICH direction we wanted to pursue and then WHICH company was the most trustworthy. After interviewing several companies and doing a lot of research online & calling references (I was a HUGE skeptic!), the decision became an easy one – IDS-Texas was the hands down winner because they specialize in Texas and because they took so much time with us EVERY time we called to review things & discuss our situation. Their knowledge is deep and their concern is sincere and we ended up saving 65% of our total debt which was about 60K so we paid about 20K.

- Steve & Gina Rowlett, TX

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I’m happy to say I saved a little over $40,000

“As a single female, I didn’t know who to trust or who to ask for advice. I was so scared at making the wrong choice, but being able to call the many references that IDS-Texas provided and finding out for myself that other clients were never left alone made the choice easier for me. The company will actually walk you thru each step of the process and show you what needs to be accomplished. I’m happy to say I saved a little over $40,000 and I endorse IDS-Texas whole-heartedly!”

- Robin Fort Worth, TX

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HIGHLY recommend IDS-Texas

It took me and my wife a LONG time to decide if we wanted to sign up with IDS-Texas…but after hemming & hawing, we finally got to the point where we HAD to make a decision. We hoped & prayed we were making the right decision. Now, after completing the program, we can’t believe the apprehension we had and we are more than happy to HIGHLY recommend IDS-Texas and their entire staff. Everyone we had contact with treated us with respect and gave us the service that turned us into “raving fans”! Oh, by the way, we saved over $29,000.”

- Carl & Patty Katy, TX

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I have saved so much money

“The insight & expertise that I received from the very start was a HUGE relief. From the advice & recommendations I received, I was able to position myself and our accounts for great success. I ended up settling one BofA account for 33% of the original balance and a Chase account for 33% as well. I had some doubt at the beginning and was hoping that their program would work and now that I have saved so much money I’m happy to be a reference. Feel free to have people call me if they want to hear a wonderful success story!”

- Jeff Combine, TX

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IDS-Texas was professional

“Just as a regular guy & hard worker, it was very humbling to admit I was in this situation to ask for help with such a private issue such as credit card debt! However, IDS-Texas was professional, showed me what needed to be done, and saved me $22,400. If I could, I would shout their praises from the mountain top!”

- Chad Big Spring, TX

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We’ve saved more than a year’s salary

“My husband & I had started a business and then the economy had come to a crashing halt. We kept our head above water for a year or two and then we realized that we needed to take some kind of action. With more than $90,000 of debt on 8 accounts, we researched, compared, and prayed about who we would go with. IDS-Texas was our choice and their competence has truly been a live saver – we’ve saved more than a year’s salary and I don’t know where we’d be today without them!”

- Dana Corsicana, TX

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I have saved over $50,000

“I came across Integrity Debt Solutions with $70,000 in credit card debt on 6 accounts. It took me ONE YEAR to finally decide to go through with their CCRE program. I was skeptical, doubtful, and scared – even though they had been doing this for a long time and even though they offered a money-back guarantee. I still refused to go forward. That was over 2 years ago and now my wife & I have saved over $50,000. I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but I’m sure glad we used this service!”

- Mike Keller, TX

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Our fears have now been replaced with hope

“My wife & I are a young couple starting out with two young children. We slowly accumulated credit card debt that was going to bury us for the next 10 years unless we took some proactive steps. We were very uncertain at first, but now that we’ve been working with Integrity for about 8 months now, we know we made the right decision. Our fears have now been replaced with hope & confidence and getting a fresh start is awesome!”

- Brad & Monica Lubbock, TX

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I can hardly believe that I saved 80%!

“I had some old credit card debt that I desperately needed help with. My goal was to settle them and a friend of mine referred me to Integrity Debt Solutions. The first two accounts they’ve worked on for me were both settled at 20% – I can hardly believe that I saved 80%! If I didn’t see it for myself, I hardly would believe it. You are welcome to use my name & phone number because I know some people won’t believe it unless they speak with me themselves!

- Troy Dallas, TX

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Bankruptcy was not an option

“Bankruptcy was not an option for us because our income was too high and we didn’t qualify. So I tried to call and work out a deal with the credit card companies, but I had absolutely no success. My minimum payments more than doubled and I could no longer afford to send in a $1,000 monthly payment. I did my research and IDS was the clear winner for us and we’ve saved more than $40,000!”

- Ed & Tonya Alvarado, TX

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I’ve saved over $100,000 – Thank You!!

“I had researched several options and none of the other company’s math seemed to work. I did a lot of due diligence into IDS-Texas, spoke with several of their current & former clients and saw the good that was done for them and now I’m seeing the good for myself! I’ve saved over $100,000 – Thank You!!”

- Jack Lubbock, TX

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God had answered our prayer

“We had been praying for almost 2 years that God would forgive the debt according to the story of the debtor and the King in the gospels. When we came across your information we knew that God had answered our prayer and He was showing us the way to proceed. We are now totally debt free and free to serve without that old burden around our neck!”

- Thomas Arlington, TX

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I highly recommend their service!

“I entered the CCRE program with 9 accounts, 65K in debt. At the time, I knew that whatever path I chose, it would negatively affect my credit unless I paid the entire 65K plus another 30K in interest by the time it was all paid off (I had already paid about 40K in interest!). Today, I’ve saved over 50K on the principal, plus the 30K in eventual interest. Integrity Debt Solutions told me everything up front and I highly recommend their service!”

- Lance Plano, TX

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A bright financial future

“At first we felt hopeless, stressed-out, and doubtful that there was a solution to our problem. . . . now, all of those fears are gone and hope, confidence, freedom, and a bright financial future are all here again!”

- Dan & Kristi Mesquite, TX

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Saved me over $33,000

“The Credit Card Relief Education program saved me over $33,000, and looking back, I wish I would’ve started sooner!”

- Tino Encino, TX

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Saved over 60% and now we have a fresh start!

“One of the main reasons we decided to use Integrity Debt Solutions is that they are Christian based. We have been served in a very competent & trustworthy manner! We had $18,000 of debt, saved over 60% and now we have a fresh start!”

- Sherri Bonham, TX

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I almost can’t believe it happened

“I went through a divorce 4 years ago and if that wasn’t expensive enough I incurred some medical bills. I was swimming in debt up to my ears and felt like I was about to drown when I did a simple web search and came across your website. After completing the online form, I went through the interview process and then did some thorough looking into your company. All I can say is that everywhere I turned I found good news and solid evidence, but I still had this lingering doubt that a fresh start could really happen to me. Well, after completing the program and settling all my accounts for 35%-40% and saving $38,000 I am definitely a believer! I almost can’t believe it happened, but it did and I’m more than happy to have you add my name to your reference list – have any future clients call me and I’ll share my story & great results.

- Jeff Austin, TX