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The plan & goal with debt settlement is to pay off your total debt for significantly less than what you currently owe. As mentioned on previous pages, Integrity Debt Solutions guarantees at lest a 30% reduction of your debt or you will receive our program for free.

Historically, we have been able to use our knowledge in Texas consumer protection law and our decades-old expertise in negotiating to lower our client’s debt 30% to 60%. From 2004 to the present, we have not had to refund anyone yet which means we are delivering life-changing results for each & every client.

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The Kinds of Debt We Can Help With

We can work with almost all kinds of unsecured debt including credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, lines of credit, collection accounts, repossessions, and various kinds of business debt. Simply create a list of all of your accounts and contact us for a free & friendly, no obligation consultation and we will explain your options and how Texas law benefits you.

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More Results From Our Clients

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"Had Debt Reduced 57%"

“When I started looking for help with my credit card situation, I wanted someone who had a strong Texas presence. Lo and behold I found IDS who specializes in my state! I had 6 different accounts that totaled $49,500. IDS ended up settling all of them for $21,200 which saved me over $28,000. I can hardly believe it happened but it did and I’m happy to be included on their reference list.”

-Jeanette in San Antonio, TX

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"Saved Over $30,000"

“My husband & I had over a dozen accounts and we were lost as to where to turn. Somehow we found Integrity Debt Solutions and our $65,000 was turned into $31,400. We saved so much money and have such a new lease on life, we are happy to include our names on IDS’s reference list. Feel free to call and we’ll explain how it worked for us.”

- Haley near Houston, TX

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"Debt was Reduced 40%"

“I am so glad I found the CCRE Program that Integrity Debt Solutions offers. They took the time to explain everything to me and answer my many questions. I was very skeptical and it took me a long time to decide, but I’m sure glad I did. I now have a fresh financial start and had my total debt lowered over 40%. I trust IDS and happily consented to be added on their reference list. Give me a call and I’ll tell you how it worked for me.”

- Stephen in Rowlett, TX

To listen to actual client interviews & results, simply click here.

Here are some general figures that will show you how much it would be estimated to cost you if you compare the various options you have when faced with a mountain of debt. If you have $20,000 in total debt, here are the estimates . . .

  • Paying the minimum payments at an average interest rate of 17%: $35,200
  • Debt consolidation program at financial institution at 10%: $26,000
  • Integrity Debt Solutions’ CCRE Program: $12,000

These numbers are for illustration only and fees are included where applicable. The payment estimates only provide a comparison of overall payments and do not consider individual circumstances, varying duration or potential consequences such as effects on creditworthiness, interest rates, legal outcomes, and outstanding balances. It's crucial to explore multiple options as no single option may be suitable for everyone.

Important disclosures: Clients who stay with the program and get all of their debt settled, realize an approximate savings of 50% before fees, or 35% including our fees, over 12 to 48 months. All claims are based on enrolled debt and not all debt is eligible for enrollment. Not all clients will complete the CCRE program for various reasons, including their ability to save enough funds to be able to settle all of their debts. Estimates will vary based on specific circumstances and estimates are based on prior results. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments to creditors, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting, or legal advice or credit repair services. Please contact a tax professional to discuss tax consequences of settlement. Please contact a bankruptcy attorney for more information on bankruptcy. Please read and understand all program materials before enrolling, including potential adverse impact on credit rating.

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No matter the scale of your debt, Integrity Debt Solutions is here to provide effective and ethical debt settlement solutions. Take the first step towards financial freedom today by contacting our experienced team for a personalized consultation.

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