What the Bible says about Debt Relief & Debt Settlement

Perhaps the most important, yet most difficult, aspect of our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program has to do with what the Bible says about money, debt, usury (interest), repayment, forgiveness, and a host of other equally relevant topics.

As a company owned & operated by Christians, and because many (if not most) of our Clients are Christians, our prayer at Integrity Debt Solutions is that you will take some time to patiently & thoughtfully explore this important topic. We will attempt to share what we have learned from hundreds of hours of study of both the Bible and the moral issues surrounding debt relief and our CCRE debt settlement program.

This series (Part One here) will explain the major reasons why we believe that debt settlement is not an unbiblical service nor is it encouraging irresponsibility, "debt avoidance", or the like. In fact, it's quite the contrary! Our goal for our Clients is to negotiate a drastically reduced amount which equates to debt forgiveness - a very biblical concept. Also, the banks readily agree to settlements and are happy to finalize such arrangements. We also demonstrate to our Clients how they can position & protect their families from the very shady and questionable practices of the banks/credit card companies using existing law. We encourage you to read on....

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The Concept of Forgiveness . . .

Much like the concept of having your sins forgiven by Jesus Christ's death on the cross & resurrection (covering a debt we could not pay), so too does the CCRE process strive to forgive/reduce a debt that holds people in bondage setting them free from something they may never be able to pay.

When a person realizes that he or she is a sinner that needs to be saved, receives forgiveness, and starts life as a new creation in Christ, the realization of this spiritual truth serves as motivation to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength - committing to start afresh and never to return to the past lifestyle. This is what being born-again is all about!

Allowing the CCRE process to serve you and "forgive" as much of your debt as possible, will deliver a fresh start and hopefully motivate you to never again return and become enslaved to the worldly system of credit card debt.

It is our hope & prayer that having an overwhelming financial burden forgiven will save marriages, alleviate undue stress, reduce serious health problems (both physical and emotional), and allow you to live to your utmost potential. And perhaps restore a deep spiritual relationship with God that has been lost or damaged due to the pressures of financial debt.


The Issue of Usury . . .

The Bible condemns usury (the charging of high or exorbitant interest) and we have seen many clients over the years who have gotten buried in credit card debt largely due to the high interest rates the banks charge. The Old Testament speaks strongly against charging high interest rates as outlined in Leviticus 25:36-37; Exodus 22:25; Deuteronomy 23:19; Psalms 15:5 to share some clear examples. In the New Testament, Jesus talks about not burying your money and to at least invest it at interest (Matt 25:24) but He does not directly talk about charging interest. However, we know the entire reason Jesus came to earth was to allow a path for the forgiveness of sins and to wipe away a debt we could not repay.

Credit card companies and major banks can instantly change the interest rates they charge on credit cards at any time they deem fit. It could because a cardholder missed a payment, or has been late several times, or even if they do a random credit check and they deem someone to be a higher risk. They are the only industry that can change the terms of the contract well after you've entered into the deal and on a whim if they so choose. If a cardholder is having difficulty making minimum payments at 10% interest, how in the world are they going to make payments when the interest is jacked up to 29.99%?? We would call this exorbitant which the Bible clearly condemns.

Every Christian's Goal . . .

One important goal of every Christian should be to owe nothing to anyone except to love one another (Romans 13:8) and not to be a slave to money (Matthew 6:24), but a bondservant of Christ (Colossians 4:12, Romans 1:1).

Credit card debt takes away much of our freedom and makes us a slave/servant to that which makes us indebted. We should do whatever we can - legally, ethically, morally - to get out of these situations (repent) and do a 180 degree turn to remove ourselves from this type of bondage. That is the very purpose of our company and we've successfully serving clients since 2004!

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